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Do you want to open a business?

Brazil is known for being a country of entrepreneurs. However, many businesses sink or doesn’t grow, even if the idea is really good. This happens because most of the time the future entrepreneur is not prepared to manage a business with many different responsibilities and activities that overshadow the main business activities.
In this challenging environment, LKW Brazil knows that the future entrepreneur must perform effectively before and after opening a business to survive.
Our mission is to bring results to all entrepreneurs, understanding that a person who is happy with his/her business has a great chance to be happy in their personal life!
We help even before you open your business, evaluating if you have a promising future or not. Here’s where we can help you:

International Representation

• Legal representation service and / or commercial representation service, for multinational companies wishing to enter into the Brazilian market or in another market, operating through a commercial or legal representative without a local structure in the country;
• Commercial Representation Service for Brazilian companies that want to open new markets for export, but don’t have a large scale operation to invest in an internal specialized sales team to open international markets.

How to sell your products or services?

• Logo Creation
• Creating e-mail marketing
• 4Ps Evaluation
• Creation and website optimization
• Stationery Development
• Opening sales channels
• Trademarks and patents
• Development of email marketing, brochures and flyers;
• Creation in CAD-3D your prototype.

Opening a Company

• CNPJ registration
• Social Contract
• Support for the issuance of licenses


Business Creation

• Reflect on the entrepreneurial life
• Define the type of product or service to be provided;
• Analyze the market where the company will be inserted;
• Study of Financial Feasibility;
•Start or stop a business.

Management and Business Services

• Outsourcing of your accounts payable and receivable;
• Cash Flow Structuring;
• Negotiation with suppliers;
• Financial management of contingency;
• Management of budgets;
• Mapping of operational processes;
• Mapping of production processes;
• Creating and managing performance indicators;
• Complete accounting services;
• Legal advice on contracts and general doubts;


• ERP License for better management, agility and security of your data

Organizational Structure and Training

• Definition of the hierarchical structure;
• Plan positions and salaries;
• Specific training to put together a good professional into your business

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